Draw Plans

  • We prepare architectural sketches and working plans.
  • We give advice for existing plans and redesign architectural drawings.
  • We produce drawings and their resulting blueprints.

Prepare Estimates

  • We produce estimates from architectural plans and engineering plans.
  • We make estimates on current values of damaged buildings (fire, earthquake, hurricanes, etc.), and badly constructed buildings.
  • Our estimes are based on on-the-spot inspection.
  • Detailed reports are produced for every estimate.


    • wooden structures
    • reinforced concrete structures
    • steel buildings
    • swimming pools/spas
    • stone buildings (including buildings from quarried stones)
    • off-road structures (for example, hillside construction)
    • special peril resistent structures (Bodycote technology)
    • landscaping
  • All our building projects are approved and inspected by qualified structural engineers.

Repair/Remodel Offices and Homes

  • We offer advice on the execution of repairs.
  • We repair buildings regardless of original construction.
  • We can repair/remodel a home, transforming it to a brand new state.

Real Estate Development

  • We provide sourcing of property for rental/purchase by prospective clients.
  • We manage property rentals on behalf of our clients.
  • We also manage sale of properties on behalf of our clients.

Project Management

  • For any given housing project, we manage coordination with owners, financiers, sourcing, materials, architects and engineers.