Company Info

We commenced our construction business in 1980 as a proprietorship under the name of GILKES CONTRUCTION until we changed the business to  a limited liability company effective 12th May, 1988. The name was also changed to GILCON ENTERPRISES LIMITED, which is solely owned by myself and my wife, Heather.

During the past Twenty-five years, we have been involved in general construction for private individuals mostly in the Mill Reef Club, St. James’ Club and Half Moon Bay areas. In St. John’s our company has been involved in building three large Church buildings, a commercial building and several other private dwellings.

Gilcon has construction equipment and Real Estate valuing in the middle seven figures of Eastern Caribbean Dollars.

The relationship with our Bankers First Caribbean International Bank, has been excellent over the many years of business.

We have over twenty-two years experience in construction field, successfully managing our own business. On the other hand, our senior supervisory staff, who has been with Gilcon for approximately eighteen years, has successfully handled my large jobs, and has at least twenty-seven years experience in all types of general construction.

As a Limited Liability Company, we pay all due government taxes and subscribe to all employee deductions, such as Social Security, Medical Benefits, Government Levy and all employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance. We have been paying all employee benefits as are required by the Employee Union Contract. We also carry a General Insurance Policy to cover our client’s property from theft, hurricane, earthquake etc., and a Public Liability Insurance.

I have been President of the Antigua and Barbuda Contractors Association for the past several years.